Extruded Drainable Louvers

Extruded Drainable Louvers

Drainable louvers are extruded blade louvers that are available in aluminum or steel. They, unlike their counterpart “stormproof ” and “Z” blade louvers, are preferred by Architect and Engineers for their water penetration characteristics. The extruded drainable louver has channels built into the extruded blades that direct water to the sides of the louver.

The side panels then have special channels that direct the water down and out the bottom of the drainable louver face. This feature prevents cascading of the water from one blade to the next and is very useful on tall louvers. This feature allows for large free area ratings as well as high water penetration values that are desired in commercial applications.

Frame options with Architectural Drainable Louvers include Channel Frame, Front Flange and Rear Flanges. A variety of louver blade designs allow the extruded drainable blade louver to serve any air ventilation application. Architectural Drainable Louvers are available in 2″,4″ and 6″ standard louvers, plus several “wind-driven rain” models. Available Finishes include: Kynar, anodized, primed, and mill finish. Several screens choices are available including Stainless Steel.

drainable-louvers-four-inch-4375D Due to the need for side panels with drain channels, drainable louvers are not normally used in “shaped” louvers such as the round, half-round, triangle and pyramid louvers. In these applications the normal stormproof and “Z” blades need to be used. We often see “drainable” specified in the shaped louvers but they actually become a liability as they can trap debris in the channels without the corresponding side channels to wash it away.



Drainable Louvers – Where To Buy

There are several things to consider when selecting Drainable louvers: Water Penetration, Free Area, and Resistance to Airflow (Pressure Loss). These considerations must be fully understood before you can apply them to a louver properly.

WebREPS is a leader in wholesale louver sales in the United States. All types of drainable louvers are available for thru-the wall (Hotel & Motel), HVAC, Commercial and Industrial markets. WebREPS sells special size louvers for all PTAC units also, as well as fresh air intake & exhaust louvers no matter what size or complexity construction project you are working on. New construction or renovation, large or small; WebREPS can provide the very top quality drainable louvers on any future project.

Hinged doors for drainable louvers are available along with many other options.

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