External Aluminum Louvers – Buy Wholesale Online

External Aluminum Louvers – Buy Wholesale Online

External aluminum louvers or exterior louvers, are a versatile retractable Venetian style louver reduces glare as well as helping to reduce the gain in solar heat. External louvers can help with this solar reduction by as much as 90%.

You can finely adjust the blades of External louvers for privacy or if required you can also filter light with External aluminum louvers. External louvers can be fully retracted also to allow in the maximum light you require or to access glazing for cleaning etc.

External aluminum louvers blades are held in place by side guides or stainless steel wire guides which stop the blades being moved in light winds. The blades on External louvers should be positioned as close to glazing if possible. Avoid positioning the external louver blades far away from glazing or they may need to be retracted in strong winds.


Buy External Aluminum Louvers Online
– Exterior Louvers – Remote and Motorized Options

Many external aluminum louvers are Motorized and come equipped with remote control or standard switching. Many external aluminum louvers have wind sensors and will automatically retract the aluminum blades when the wind reaches a certain velocity.

Most industrial aluminum louvers come with automatic controls. These controls will adjust blades automatically to maintain internal light levels, and can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS).

See specification sheets for details and dimensions.

There are also many eternal louvers that are called Continuous Louvres. These louvers are a non-retractable aluminum louvre designed for external installations for either horizontal, sloping vertical or curved glazing.

Permanent continuous louvers provide up to 90% reduction in solar heat on glazed areas. Continuous aluminum louvers are fully adjustable blades also control glare and privacy and allow outward vision.
The Maxim louvre is designed to comply with AS1170.2 wind loading.

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