Motorized Louvers – Operable Louvers

Motorized Louvers – Operable Louvers

Motorized Louvers or operable louvers use an adjustable blade design, to provide open or closed louvers in industrial and commercial applications. The engineered design of the Motorized Operable Louvers prevent water penetration in the open position just as any engineered louver does, but still allows up to 50% free area.

They are available in 4″ and 6″ depths and can be manufactured of extruded aluminum or steel. Motorized Louvers and operable louvers can have either drainable or “Z” stormproof blades. Motorized louvers block or allow airflow depending on the situation desired. Motorized louvers act as dampers when closed and can be upgraded with blade and jam seals for very low air leakage when that application is needed.


Motorized Louvers are available with 24v, 120v,220v and pneumatic actuators, end switch options are available. Operable louvers can be manufactured without motors or actuators. Window cranks, chain operators, and arm operators are some of the options available for manual operation.

Motorized Louvers can be set to fail open, or the normal fail closed position during power failures. Elevator areas often use these in the fail open mode, so smoke can be removed in emergency situations.

Our Motorized Louvers and normally made mill finish, but all our finish options are available: Kynar, anodized, primed and baked enamel. Due to the operable nature, painting has to be done after cutting before fabricating and additional manufacturing time needs to be allowed for this process. All our other options: Channel Frame, Front Flange, Rear Flange, Insect screens, Bird screens and Stainless Steel Screens are available.

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