Air Discharge Louvers – Buy Louvers Online and Save!

Air Discharge Louvers – Buy Louvers Online and Save!

Air discharge louvers are used as thru-the wall air discharge for any application that requires an air outlet. A variety of blade angles and blade spacing are available with Air discharge louvers.

Frame options with Air discharge louvers are also available in many styles and sizes. A variety of louver blade designs allow the air discharge louver to serve any air ventilation application.

Air Discharge Louvers

Air discharge louvers provide ventilation in applications where it is necessary to allow air to pass through while at the same time keeping unwanted elements out such as dirt, water and debris. A number of fixed or operable louver blades that are frame-mounted will provide air discharge louvers with many types of functionality to meet your needs.


Air Discharge Louvers – Where To Buy

There are several things to consider when selecting air discharge louvers: Water Penetration, Free Area, and Resistance to Airflow (Pressure Loss). These considerations must be fully understood before you can apply them to a louver properly.

WebReps HVAC is the leader in wholesale louver sales in the United States. All types of air discharge louvers for the thru-the wall a/c and heating industry. WebReps sells special size louvers for all PTAC units also, as well as fresh air intake & exhaust louvers no matter what size or complexity construction project you are working on. New construction or renovation, large or small; Webreps can provide the very top quality air discharge louvers on any future project.

Hinged doors for air discharge louvers are available along with many other accessories.

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