Acoustical Louvers – Buy Acoustic Louvers Online

Acoustical Louvers – Buy Acoustic Louvers Online

Acoustical louvers have insulated louver blades which provide a variety of differing levels of sound absorption for escaping noise.

Acoustical louvers are available in either formed aluminum or steel material and there are a variety of acoustic louver blade styles Available. Many acoustic louvers come in airfoil, sightproof or J blade styles.

You can get acoustical louvers in many sizes as well. They are available in 6, 8 and 12 in. blade depths.
Acoustic louvers also come in galvanized steel or alternative aluminum construction and come in standard or airfoil blade design. Many acoustical louvers are AMCA licensed for water penetration and air performance.

You will often see acoustic louvers on cooling towers, mechanical rooms and tunnel ventilation. It’s also quite common to install acoustical louvers in parking garages for ventilation as well as other areas or structures which need general ventilation.

Acoustic Louver Blade Sizes
Acoustic Louver Blade Sizes

Acoustical louvers with airfoil blades offer some of the highest free area and lowest airflow resistance available in louver design.

Acoustical J style louver blades offer and excellent balance of economics, airflow resistance and sound absorption. These louvers are also available in 6, 8 and 12 in. blade depths.

Also available in acoustical louvers are sightproof blades which prevent visual see through while at the same time providing optimum sound absorption.

Acoustical Louvers – Installation

Commercial Acoustical louvers are very easily installed. Acoustic louvers are also very sturdy and built-to-last a long time. You can find links to the largest wholesaler of acoustic louvers in the U.S. below. WebReps HVAC offers a wide array of construction options including aluminum louvers, stainless steel louvers, natural fiber mold resistant louvers and acoustical fill louvers. WebReps HVAC also has several other types of linings ranging from acoustically transparent to completely impervious. You can get acoustical louvers with many other finishes such as anodized, Kynar and thermal setting powder coat.

Acoustical Louvers – Louver Styles

WebReps HVAC offers a very broad range of acoustic louvers, also called silencers, in the HVAC industry. All of WebReps acoustic louvers and silencers are manufactured in response to specific requirements from acoustical consultants, engineers, owners, and HVAC contractors. Acoustic louvers go through many tests for performance and provide one of the most economical choices for controlling many different types of noise problems encountered in HVAC engineering.

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