Combination Louver Dampers – Buy Architectural Louvers Wholesale

Combination Louver Dampers – Buy Architectural Louvers Wholesale

Combination louver dampers with extruded aluminum combination louver dampers are architectural louvers which incorporate operable louver blades and stationary louver blades into one common frame louver damper member.

Combination Louver Damper models maintain a stationary appearance when adjustable damper blades are closed. A tight seal is created on a combination louver damper to prevent the passage and flow of air. All combination louver damper models by Web Reps Wholesale can be operated manually or by any commonly specified damper actuator also sold by WebREPS Wholesale.


Combination Louver Dampers – Drainable Blades

All combination louver dampers have drainable stationary louver blades and head member. Combination louver damper drainable adjustable blades have concealed blade linkage or exposed on-blade linkage. Some louver damper models incorporate adjustable Airfoil louver blades to lessen airflow resistance. Some louver damper combos incorporate a concealed actuator location and are available from WebReps Wholesale in either 4 inch or 6 in. louver blade depths.

Combination Louver Dampers – Weather

Combination louver dampers for weather include gravity backdraft louver dampers which are designed to protect air exhaust openings in the exterior walls of commercial or industrial buildings. Combination louver designs incorporate a drainable head member, J style stationary louver blades, pressure/gravity operated damper blades. Recommended application for these types of combination louver dampers are in close proximity to an exhaust or intake air fan. These louver dampers are available in 2 inch and 4 inch louver blade depths.

Combination Louver Dampers – Non-Drainable Blades

Non-drainable stationary combination louver damper blades are combined with non-drainable center pivot adjustable blades. The design does include a combination louver damper drainable head member and concealed louver blade linkage. Only available in 6 inch blade depth.

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